"A girl had to be taught to believe in everything but her own power. Because if a girl knew what she could do, imagine what she might."

-Robin Wasserman "Girls on Fire"


Malka Wallick is an actor, producer, and dangerous creature — at least that’s what it says on her business cards. Born and bred in Brooklyn, NYC is home — however, after two years, including a stint in grad school at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London is where her heart is at.

As an artist she is committed to using her voice to empower young girls and to help shift the narrative.

After years of Shakespeare, she discovered a true love for new script development. She rarely does anything in between!

Outside of the theatre, Malka can be found baking, doing the NYTimes crossword puzzle, and attempting to teach herself French and the Ukulele. She has an affinity for peaty scotches and Sheila Hetti novels.

Ask her about her tattoos, she would love to gush about them!